GBIGOLD is powered by GBI, the leading precious metals provider to the wealth management industry. GBIGOLD brings the “Institutional Edge” directly to the consumer.

"Own What's Real"

Gold and Silver investing is a safe haven asset, and owning physical gold is the most secure form of ownership eliminating both credit and counter-party risk. Investors own the actual physical precious metal in private allocated accounts, verified by an independent auditing firm, with holdings and valuations reported daily. Investors have the option to take delivery of their physical precious metals or to store them in fully-insured, world-class vaults throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The Institutional Edge

Competitive Buying and Selling Process

GBI acts as an agent on behalf of its customers. It has created a competitive marketplace where competition among its network of 14 precious metals dealers, refiners and bullion banks ensures optimal pricing and quality. This marketplace is open 24 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Global Vaulting and Delivery

GBIGOLD partners with logistics leaders Brink’s, Loomis International and Malca Amit to securely transport and deliver precious metals via insured commercial couriers or armored trucks to virtually any location in the world. Current vaulting locations include New York City, Salt Lake City, Toronto, London, Zurich, Singapore and Sydney. Additional locations can be opened as necessary.

GBIGOLD products are available for storage in our fully-insured, private vaulting facilities (Brink’s, Viamat/ Loomis International, Malca Amit). All precious metals offered through GBIGOLD are fully-allocated, and NEVER stored in “pooled” accounts. Your holdings are distinct and separate from all other accounts, eliminating counterparty risk.

Accounts, Money and Reporting

GBIGOLD customers can open accounts through a simple automated process that includes state of the art “know your customer” protocols. Reporting can be customized to fit into any client’s existing system and format.